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Ck2 Ask Liege For Title

liege title


Ck2 Ask Liege For Title ck0174


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First, my character has been tapped as my king’s Steward and I noticed something.. Ck2 Ask Liege For TitleCk2 Ask Liege For Title Insurancevitus979Registered UserValidated UserI am a noob, In my current run I am under the emperor of germania.

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More leader traits You only raise levies from your direct vassals, and they are not directly connected to Holdings.. Is that right?How can I tell when things happen at the kingdom level? I was in a situation where my duchy was at war with a neighboring kingdom over a couple border provinces and the rest of my kingdom was at peace.. I can assign other commanders, but not myself Is that normal, or am I missing something? Also, if my character is tapped as a Commander by the King, how does that work?My character is in the Kingdom’s Capitol, and his wife is in my Duchy’s Capitol.

liege title

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Patch 2 0 2 was released on the 16th December 2013 Added a ‘Depose Antipope’ Casus Belli, Added an ‘Antiking’ faction.


ck3 claim liege title

I couldn’t figure out what prompted this national realignment This is just one example.

usurping liege title

Suddenly the neighboring kingdom became part of my kingdom and I was fighting against a Duke of my own kingdom.. Additionally, I had previously played the game completely vanilla, but the sale on Steam was too good to pass up (I blame the virus!), so now I’ve got the expansions and boy is the game different.. Requesting Vassal Transference is an event that pops up randomly and in my experience, an AI liege never complies, they would rather risk angering you or appease you with sweet talk, if their Diplomacy is high enough.. Form a Faction (any Faction, doesn’t matter what it’s actually about, I usually pick Gavelkind Succession just for the hell of it ) and your liege will eventually transfer your.. Also, I have some duchies round europe not in my de Jure territories “ west francia “ “italy” 1- when my liege will decide to revoke some lands from me.. It seems that my character can no longer act as a commander for the armies of my duchy when I go to war independent of my king.. Can they still get pregnant?Since my character is in the Kingdom’s Capitol, does my character still apply his stat bonuses to the Duchy?My character is currently a duke.. Faction System Characters can have both a Plot and an Ambition Retinue System support for the Legacy of Rome DLC Orthodox and related religions have Autocephalous Patriarchs and the Pentarchy Rebalanced Combat, with more focus on leaders and their traits. 5ebbf469cd


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